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Organic Large Blue Hubbard Squash

1 count
$1.99 / lb
Organic Large Blue Hubbard Squash

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Approx. 2.5-4.5 lb per squash
This beautiful blue winter squash will replace pumpkin as the best choice for your winter recipes. Most canned Pumpkin is often at least partially Blue Hubbard Squash. The flavor is similar to Pumpkin, however, the flavor is sweeter and nuttier. The deep, rich orange color of the flesh also makes this squash a desirable replacement for Pumpkin. Pairs well with Parmesan or Ricotta Cheese, Leafy Greens, Fennel, Sage, and Apples.

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Blue House Organic Farm
Pescadero, CA
Blue House Farm is a place that recognizes & nourishes the connection between good food, the natural world, and the local community. They grow an incredible diversity of certified organic vegetables, fruits, and cut flowers.Read more