Blue House Organic Farm

Organic Dry-Farmed Early Girl Tomatoes

1 lb
$4.49 / lb
Organic Dry-Farmed Early Girl Tomatoes

Product Details

Approx. 4-5 tomatoes per lb

Dry-farmed Organic Early Girl tomatoes have an intense flavor that's best showcased in salsa, tomato jam, or just sliced on some toast. 

Blue House Farm has a unique climate in coastal California that allows for dry-farming, where they stop watering their Early Girls after the plants have been established. Without water the plant naturally reaches deep below the ground in search of moisture, focusing its energy on producing fruit. Dry-farmed tomatoes are usually smaller and less abundant, but are superior in flavor and texture.

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Blue House Organic Farm
Pescadero, CA
Blue House Farm is a place that recognizes & nourishes the connection between good food, the natural world, and the local community. They grow an incredible diversity of certified organic vegetables, fruits, and cut flowers.Read more