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Organic Chinese Forget-Me-Nots

1 bunch
Organic Chinese Forget-Me-Nots

Notes From The Producer

Chinese forget-me-nots (Cynoglossum amabile) are very similar in appearance to their garden-famous namesake, selected for their greater suitability as cut flowers. Legend has it that the name "Forget-Me-Not" originates from Greek lore, for when the Creator of the Universe thought he finished giving all of the flowers their colors, one whispered, "Forget me not!". No color was left but the most delicate shade of blue, and so it goes now that one who bears witness to its coloration will never forget that ever so tender hue. 

Chinese forget-me-nots contrast baby blue flowers with deep green, aesthetic foliage, and emit an alluring musk which can perfume from a distance. Delicacy comes in its vase life, which we recommend enjoying for 5-7 days. Keep them out of sunlight, give them a diagonal cut after delivery, and place them in warm water to extend their life.

Product Details

Approx. 10 stems per bunch, 16-24" long

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