Blue Bottle Coffee

Hayes Valley Espresso Coffee Beans

6 oz
$30.64 / lb
Hayes Valley Espresso Coffee Beans

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Introducing Blue Bottle's groundbreaking pressure-seal technology! This streamlined, recyclable, storable canister locks out oxygen and locks in the goodness of Blue Bottle's just-roasted coffee beans, keeping whole beans fresh for up to 4 months after roasting. In the can, you'll find Blue Bottle's Organic Hayes Valley Espresso Coffee Beans. Lower-toned and minimally bright, Hayes Valley Espresso pulls a straight shot with a voluptuous tawny crema and spectacular viscosity. Milk brings out chocolatey notes and adds a smooth, rounded touch.

Ingredients: organic coffee beans.

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Blue Bottle Coffee
Oakland, CA
A legendary coffee roaster dedicated to only using the finest, most delicious and responsibly sourced beans.Read more