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Lil' Blueberry Pie

Black Jet Baking Co.

Lil' Blueberry Pie

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Lil' Blueberry Pie

Notes From The Producer

Lil'Blueberry pies are particulary special because they are a hybrid of pie and crumble.  Flaky buttery crust on the bottom, juicy freshly baked blueberries in the middle and salty, sweet and crunchy crumble topping.  These pies properly sized to reflect how often you want pie, a little bit all of the time.  
Lil' pies are a perfect weeknight dessert for you and the family.  They're also fantastic for special occasions because each person can have their own.  Lil' pies have an excellent filling to crust ratio.  In every bite you get a little bit of both!

Product Details

3.5 inch, serves 1 or 2

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About The Producer

Black Jet Baking Co.
San Francisco, CA
We are a small San Francisco baking company committed to making nostalgic treats and baked goods. We feel lucky to be in the Bay Area, surrounded by beautiful, delicious ingredients we put to good use in our treats. Read more