Bernard Ranches

Valencia Oranges

1 lb
$2.49 / lb
Valencia Oranges

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Approx. 2-3 oranges per lb
Valencia Oranges are the ultimate off-season citrus. They produce in the summer, while most citrus fruits in the winter. They're a lower acid, high sugar citrus that's great for juicing.

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Bernard Ranches
Riverside, CA
Vince and Vicki Bernard grow avocados and citrus on 50 acres in Riverside County, CA. They've been farming since 1984. They fertilize with seaweed and urea, use drip irrigation in their groves, and, instead of using synthetic pesticides, they use beneficial insects and manual trapping of gophers. Their manual weeding is a time-intensive process, but allows them to avoid the use of chemical-intensive, synthetic herbicides.Read more