Spring Wildflower Honeycomb

Kiss The Flower (Formerly Beelove Honey)

Spring Wildflower Honeycomb

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Spring Wildflower Honeycomb

Notes From The Producer

Honeybees produce fresh wax in the spring each year, assuming they have room to build more honeycomb in the hive.  A strong hive in a location with good nectar flow produces the most delicate and lightly colored honey of the year.  Our spring wildflower honeycomb is harvested in May in order to capture that delicate and light honey within pure white fresh honeycomb wax.

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Approx. 3.5 oz.

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About The Producer

Kiss The Flower (Formerly Beelove Honey)
Santa Rosa, California
I practice natural, sustainable beekeeping, using no artificial chemicals in my hives. As a strong supporter of biodynamic farming philosophies, I keep my hives on properties run by farmers with biodynamic and organic practices. Read more