Kiss The Flower (Formerly Beelove Honey)

Spring Wildflower Honeycomb

3.5 oz
$5.14 / oz
Spring Wildflower Honeycomb

Notes From The Producer

A healthy hive of honeybees produces fresh honeycomb every spring, filling it with a delicate, lightly colored honey that captures all the fragrant aroma of early flowers. Scoop out a spoonful to stir into yogurt or drizzle over ice cream, or set the whole dish out along with sharp cheeses and fresh fruit. Honeycomb contains the purest, rawest form of honey, and the pure white honeycomb wax is edible and nutritious, too!

Ingredients: raw honeycomb.

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About The Producer

Kiss The Flower (Formerly Beelove Honey)
Santa Rosa, CA
I practice natural, sustainable beekeeping, using no artificial chemicals in my hives. As a strong supporter of biodynamic farming philosophies, I keep my hives on properties run by farmers with biodynamic and organic practices.Read more