Kiss The Flower (Formerly Beelove Honey)

Bee Pollen (1 oz)

1 oz
$5.99 / oz
Bee Pollen (1 oz)

Notes From The Producer

Each mini-hex glass jar of Kiss The Flower bee pollen contains one ounce of pure, natural, unprocessed honeybee pollen derived from beehives in Sonoma County. The granules offer a delicate and floral flavor that makes a great topping over yogurt and cereal or blended into a smoothie!

Ingredients: bee pollen.

Product Details

1 ounce of fresh bee pollen, keep refrigerated.

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About The Producer

Kiss The Flower (Formerly Beelove Honey)
Santa Rosa, CA
I practice natural, sustainable beekeeping, using no artificial chemicals in my hives. As a strong supporter of biodynamic farming philosophies, I keep my hives on properties run by farmers with biodynamic and organic practices.Read more