Barnett Valley Blackberry Honey

Kiss The Flower (Formerly Beelove Honey)

Barnett Valley Blackberry Honey

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Barnett Valley Blackberry Honey

Notes From The Producer

BeeLove's Barnett Valley Blackberry Honey is from our apiary in Sebastopol California.  Raw, unfiltered and made by happy and healthy bees without the introduction of man-made chemicals in the hives.

Blackberry honey has a fruity tart aftertaste and goes well with goat cheese and figs!  As our honey is not heated or ultra-filtered, it may crystalize with time.  You may reliquefy by placing the jar in warm water.

I use natural and sustainable beekeeping practices without the use of man-made chemicals in my hives.  I am a big fan of Rudolf Steiner's biodynamic farming philosophies and have placed my apiary locations on properties run by farmers with these biodynamic and organic farming practices.   "The thing a bee profits from the most is that it derives its sustenance from the very parts of the plant that are pervaded by the plant's love life.  The bee sucks its nourishment, which it makes into honey from the parts of the plant that are steeped in love life.  And the bee, if you could express it this way, brings love life from the flowers into the beehive...The [bees] have indeed carried into the hive that which lives in the flowers.  The living element of this thriving, germinating love that is spread out over the flowers is also contained in the honey the bees make."  
Rudolf Steiner 'The Bees' 1923

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About The Producer

Kiss The Flower (Formerly Beelove Honey)
Santa Rosa, California
I practice natural, sustainable beekeeping, using no artificial chemicals in my hives. As a strong supporter of biodynamic farming philosophies, I keep my hives on properties run by farmers with biodynamic and organic practices. Read more