Organic Chewy Tropical Banana Bites

3.5 oz
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Organic Chewy Tropical Banana Bites

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A tropical smoothie meets good-for-you banana bread in these chewy, naturally sweet (no salt or sugar added!) bites for a new favorite that's bursting with muscle- and bone-building potassium. Tuck them into kids' lunchboxes, pack along for hiking and camping trips, stash in the car for long drives, or keep in your desk drawer to fight off the afternoon energy crash. Organic Chewy Tropical Banana Bites are a super snack for any time of day. 

Ingredients: banana, mango, pineapple & goldenberries.

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About The Producer

Santa Monica, CA
Barnana makes delicious snacks out of bananas that would otherwise have been unsaleable due to cosmetic bruises and scuffs, diverting them from waste and providing farmers with a secondary form of direct income.Read more