Baia Pasta

Organic Whole Wheat Lilies

16 oz
$7.49 / lb
Organic Whole Wheat Lilies

Product Details

Shaped to capture thick meaty sauces.
Lovely designed, like a small flower, they will add flair to any dish.

They cook evenly without unfolding or breaking.

Don’t fear the whole wheat! We use a “semolato” durum wheat flour (milled with an extraction rate of 80% and above). This translates into earthy deep flavors and a great mouthfeel without compromising nutrition.

Ingredients: Organic Durum Whole Wheat Flour, Water.

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About The Producer

Baia Pasta
Oakland, CA
Born and raised in Piedmont, Italy, we now craft small batches of brass-extruded pasta in Oakland’s Jack London Square. We use only the finest organic flours from American farms and work hard to preserve their original integrity.Read more