KAMUT® Khorasan Pac Macs

Baia Pasta

KAMUT® Khorasan Pac Macs

16 oz
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KAMUT® Khorasan Pac Macs

Notes From The Producer

Their name stems from the word “paccare” (to smack) in Campania.
Popular in Naples, they are also called “calamarata” as they look like calamari.
Best bite on our shelves.

An ancient grain that is rich in protein, healthy fibers, packed with nutrition, easily digestible, and with a low glycemic index. And Kamut® buttery flavor just rocks! Whole-grain haters, this is for you!

Ingredients: Organic KAMUT® Khorasan Wheat Semolina, Water.

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About The Producer

Baia Pasta
Oakland, CA
Born and raised in Piedmont, Italy, we now craft small batches of brass-extruded pasta in Oakland’s Jack London Square. We use only the finest organic flours from American farms and work hard to preserve their original integrity. Read more