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Organic & Fair Trade Autumn Bartlett Pear (Argentina)

1 count
$2.86 / lb
Organic & Fair Trade Autumn Bartlett Pear (Argentina)

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Approx. 0.4-0.5 lb per pear
The Autumn Bartlett Pear has smooth, juicy and sweet flesh, making a wonderful pear for snacking or for adding to a cheese platter. The best way to test for ripeness is the apply gentle pressure to the neck of the pear, looking for the flesh to yield ever so slightly.

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Awe Sum Organics
Santa Cruz, CA
Awe Sum Organics is the premiere off-season importer of organic apples and kiwifruit in North America. Still a pioneer in organics, Awe Sum Organics' founder, David, recently developed and implemented a system to import organic table grapes during the winter season in North America. Including grapes, the farm supplies six categories of domestic and imported organic, non-GMO fruit to over 10,000 stores across the US and Canada.Read more