Plain (1/2 Dozen)

Authentic Bagel Company

Plain (1/2 Dozen)

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Plain (1/2 Dozen)

Notes From The Producer

Authentic Bagels are boiled then baked. We offer the East Coast characteristics of a dense, chewy center with a good crust and mix a little bit of sourdough into every flavor. 

Please place larger orders 72 hours in advance. If you have any questions please email Good Eggs Community Care at or call 415-483-7344.

Ingredients: Hi gluten flour, sugar, salt, yeast, malt syrup, and water. 

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Delivered fresh by the half dozen.

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About The Producer

Authentic Bagel Company
Our bagels are a hybrid of the East and West Coast. They are boiled and baked to give them an East Coast chewy but crunchy texture, and our sourdough starter base adds a touch of San Francisco flavor! Read more