Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Boont Amber Ale

6 count
$0.13 / fl oz
Boont Amber Ale

Notes From The Producer

Balance is what makes Anderson Valley's Boont Amber Ale so unique: rich caramel malts give this beer a deep copper hue and contribute a slight burnt-sugar sweetness while the herbal, spicy bitterness from carefully selected whole-cone hops impart a crisp, clean finish. Hints of sun-toasted grain, toffee, and fruity esters compliment the mellow hop aroma. Pair with simple roasted chicken and veggies, or think brewhouse and order up some onion rings.

Product Details

6 pack of 12 fl oz cans, 5.8% abv

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About The Producer

Anderson Valley Brewing Company
Boonville, CA
For over 25 years, Anderson Valley Brewing Company has been hand-crafting authentic ales and lagers with balance and complexity and a passion for sustainable brewing practices.Read more