Alysian Vermouth

Bittersweet Vermouth

750 ml
$0.90 / fl oz
Bittersweet Vermouth

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750 ml, 17.5% abv
Alysian's Bittersweet Vermouth is crafted to be a true amaro, rather than a traditional sweet or dry vermouth. It's a throwback to the days when flavoring for vermouths came from herbs and roots extracted or infused in spirits, before sugar and artificial flavoring became the norm. Alysian's goal is to make a vermouth with a sense of terroir—they even grow their own botanicals. Both the bouquet and palate show flowers, earth and baking spice, while artichoke and gentian resonate on the finish. Great served on its own, as well as fun for the home mixologist to experiment with.

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