Alta Palla

Organic Sparkling Lemonade Soda

8 count
$0.09 / fl oz
Organic Sparkling Lemonade Soda

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8x 12 fl oz cans
Made with real organic lemon juice, carbonated purified water, and just a bit of cane sugar, Alta Palla's Sparkling Lemon Soda is a total fan favorite. Simple, classic, and refreshing, this is one we return to again and again for a tasty, refreshing pour.

Ingredients: carbonated purified water, fair trade cane sugar*, lemon juice concentrate*, citric acid, natural flavors (*organic).

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About The Producer

Alta Palla
San Francisco, CA
Alta Palla, meaning "high ball" in Italian, was founded in 2016 with the goal of making deliciously organic, fair-trade sodas and sparkling waters.Read more