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Strawberry & Basil Sour

375 ml
$0.78 / fl oz
Strawberry & Basil Sour

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375ml, 6.6% abv
Strawberry & Basil Sour is a barrel-aged farmhouse ale born of the Santa Cruz Coast. This wild ale is built on a mountain of fresh seaside strawberries, grown under cool, salty, coastal breezes and sunny days. After aging the mixed fermentation farmhouse base on fresh strawberries, Almanac's brewers added savory basil leaves, along with a touch of coriander, ginger, and grains of paradise for an herbal complexity that screams summer in a glass. Pair with a summery Caprese salad, strawberry ice cream, or hikes through wooded canyons.

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Almanac Beer Company
San Francisco, CA
The Almanac Beer Company is dedicated to producing seasonal artisan ales with great care and craft. Each season and harvest, Almanac partners with a different Northern California farm to supply the fruit used for their brews. Read more