Ale Industries

Beast Oakland Kölsch

22 fl oz
$0.27 / fl oz
Beast Oakland Kölsch

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22 fl oz, 4.5% abv
Beast Oakland is Ale Industries' take on a unique classic German style. Blonde in color with a crisp and light body, this ale has a slight bready quality from the malt, while still being light, refreshing, and easy drinking. There is just a hint of spicy hop notes. Pair with bratwurst, nutty cheeses, grilled stone fruit, and a sunny day at the beach.

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About The Producer

Ale Industries
Oakland, CA
Ale Industries was founded by two friends, Morgan Cox and Stephen Lopas. They're located in a beautiful 125-year-old building in the Fruitvale district of Oakland, where they focus on unique and vibrant beers.Read more