Acme Bread

Sour Round

16 oz
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Sour Round

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A San Francisco classic, Acme's Sour Batard is crusty on the outside and soft on the inside, delicious and totally versatile. Cut thick slices to spread with butter and jam, build the grilled cheese sandwich of your dreams, or set out with a dish of good olive oil for dinner—this bread can do it all. We always hope for leftovers, so there's an excuse to make sourdough French toast!

Ingredients: unbleached wheat flour*, malted barley flour*, water, sea salt (*organic).
Contains: wheat.

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Acme Bread
Berkeley, CA
In 1983 husband and wife Steve and Suzie Sullivan opened Acme Bread Company in Berkeley California. Steve and Suzie’s interest was to create breads that were naturally leavened and yeasted in the French and Italian styles. Acme Bread’s business model is baking the best bread possible – every day!Read more