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Serenity Kids

Beef, Kale & Sweet Potato Baby Food

3.5 oz
$1.22 / oz
Beef, Kale & Sweet Potato Baby Food

Product Details

Serenity Kids' baby food offers the balanced ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates that helps babies over six months old thrive—it's just like the ratio of breast milk, recreated using grass-fed and pastured meats, organic vegetables, and healthy fats. Balanced macronutrient ratios are easy for little ones to digest, and the resealable squeeze packet is easy for parents and caregivers to serve up. 

organic sweet potato, water, grass-fed beef, organic kale, Himalayan sea salt.

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About The Producer

Serenity Kids
Austin, TX
Serenity Kids wants to make children healthier by offering nutrient-dense foods that taste great to kids and are convenient to parents.Read more