Sequoia Sake

Sequoia Nigori

375 ml
$1.73 / fl oz
Sequoia Nigori

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14%-15% abv, 375 ml
Sequoia Sake's Nigori is unfiltered, resulting in a lightly cloudy glass. It has delicate aromas of lychee and apricot, a creamy, supple mouthfeel and a clean finish due to the use of more highly refined sake lees. This refreshing and utterly drinkable Nigori strikes an excellent balance of some light sweetness and a crisp acidity. It's suprisingly versatile, pairing as well with fresh summer berries as it does with full-flavored and spiced dishes like spicy wings, grilled meats or stir-fried veggies.

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Sequoia Sake
San Francisco, CA
Sequoia Sake is a Bayview local Sake brewery that focuses on unpasteurized sake.Read more