Sea to Table

Sea to Table

Brooklyn, NY

Sea to Table is owned and operated by the Dimin Family out of a jam-packed office overlooking the BQE in Brooklyn, NY.  We started our business connecting hand-line fishermen with chefs in New York and have since grown to working with over 36 fishing communities around the country, finding better markets for their sustainable landings, and a way to deliver their catch all the way to end-users.

People want to know who is producing the food they cook and eat. Fishermen want to know how the fruits of their hard labor are enjoyed. By delivering right from the source, Sea to Table supports the health and well-being of not only chefs and home cooks, but of fishermen and fishing communities.

We’re very happy to be able to offer a simple way for you to make sustainable seafood a regular part of your healthy diet. Our Good Eggs webstand offers the best wild-caught American seafood, direct from our partner family fishermen, from Maine to Alaska.

You’ll quickly learn what top chefs already know – that seafood flash-frozen at the dock or point of landing at sea, properly handled and stored, tastes better and fresher than 'fresh.' It’s delicious, and so easy to refresh, cook and enjoy.


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Rockfish Fillet (Frozen)
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Sea to Table
Rockfish Fillet (Frozen)
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