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The Pink Can Sake Spritz

12 fl oz
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The Pink Can Sake Spritz

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12 oz can, 8% ABV

Sawtelle Sake's The Pink Can Sake Spritz offers a delightful fusion of flavors and textures. This Junmai Ginjo Nama sake begins its journey by blending with herbal tea, creating intricate layers of taste and aromatic notes. The infusion is then brightened by the addition of fresh Japanese Yuzu juice and given depth and roundness by the inclusion of Kokuto. The result is a refreshing, effervescent concoction, carbonated to just under three bars of carbon dioxide. This careful carbonation maximizes the texture of all combined ingredients while enhancing the natural acids and cultures alive in every sip. For the ultimate experience, savor The Pink Can Sake Spritz chilled. Versatile and vibrant, it pairs harmoniously with a wide range of dishes, making it the ideal companion for any culinary adventure.

Ingredients: rice, water, koji, hibiscus flower, raspberry leaves, blackberry leaves, roasted chicory root, sarsaparilla bark, ginger root, orange peel, yuzu juice, Dadai juice, Kakugiri Kokuto sugarcane

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Sawtelle Sake
Los Angeles, CA
Sawtelle Sake, proudly rooted in the vibrant Sawtelle Japantown of West LA, brings a touch of Japan to California. Their mission is to breathe new life into sake culture within their community. Crafting their products from California-grown rice, they honor traditional methods to capture the essence of their local environment and the seasons. With a dedicated, small team that handles every step by hand and sources premium ingredients from the finest farms in California and Japan, Sawtelle Sake offers a variety of koji-based products, including sake and amazake.Read more