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Clear Skies Sake

6.8 fl oz
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Clear Skies Sake

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6.8 fl oz can, 16% ABV

Sawtelle Sake's Clear Skies Sake is a refreshing and well-balanced Nama (unpasteurized) Junmai (pure/no-additive) Ginjo sake that boasts a 60% polish ratio, utilizing locally sourced California rice. Clear Skies opens with a delightful aromatic bouquet, featuring prominent notes of citrus and melon. Its approachable and easy-to-drink nature makes it the perfect choice for any occasion. Pair Clear Skies with your favorite everyday American cuisine, from pizza and tacos to hamburgers and fried chicken.

Ingredients: Rice, water, and koji.

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Sawtelle Sake
Los Angeles, CA
Sawtelle Sake, proudly rooted in the vibrant Sawtelle Japantown of West LA, brings a touch of Japan to California. Their mission is to breathe new life into sake culture within their community. Crafting their products from California-grown rice, they honor traditional methods to capture the essence of their local environment and the seasons. With a dedicated, small team that handles every step by hand and sources premium ingredients from the finest farms in California and Japan, Sawtelle Sake offers a variety of koji-based products, including sake and amazake.Read more