The History: 'Santipapas' is the nickname of the town Santiago Papasquiero in Durango, Mexico - the town where my mother is from. The scorpion in the branding is representative of the state of Durango which is covered with 'em

My passion for discovering and creating flavors to enjoy started as a child, helping out in my Mom Nana’s kitchens, listening to stories of family and admiring the food being created  

The Mission: The mission of Santipapas is to bring a 'real' food product to the public, a handcrafted salsa, produced locally, in small batches, with organic ingredients from local growers. The recent move to Oakland from San Francisco had sparked the rebirth of my pursuit of bringing this salsa to market back in July ‘12. The local movement here in the Oakland food scene has supported Santipapas from the beginning.  I want to continue to be a part of what I feel is an important revolution in how we consume food in our community.   It has been the energy of the people of Oakland that continues to provide our company the drive to bring an organic, local, and hand crafted salsa to all of Oakland, the SF Bay Area, and beyond!!

"life's too short for boring salsa"

Mark Sorensen

owner / sole proprietor

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