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Sans Wine Co.

Rosé 'Poor Ranch Vineyard' Can

250 ml
Rosé 'Poor Ranch Vineyard' Can

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Indulge in the poetic grace of the Sans Wine Rosé, a wine that embodies intent and heritage. Crafted from 100% Carignan grapes sourced from the illustrious ‘Billy’s Block’ within the renowned Poor Ranch Vineyards of Mendocino County, this Rosé stands as a testament to legacy and unwavering quality. The 'Billy's Block' Carignan, planted in the hallowed soils in 1977, is a story in itself, rooted in the earth of a Certified CCOF vineyard that practices the art of dry farming. Each grape, tenderly hand-harvested, carries the essence of the land it springs from. A symphony of natural fermentation begins within stainless steel, where native yeasts, brought in on the grape skins, initiate the transformation. The traditional method of foot treading is employed for maceration, enhancing the depth and character of the wine. Unfined and unfiltered, the Rosé proudly wears its natural state, welcoming its slightly cloudy appearance as a testament to its untouched authenticity. This Rosé of intent refrains from the addition of sulfites, embracing only the naturally occurring sulfites, offering a drink that's not just a taste of history and tradition, but also a pure, unadulterated expression of the land. Experience the Sans Wine Rosé, a delightful ode to Billy's Block Carignan and the craftsmanship that celebrates the essence of Mendocino County's terroir in every sip.

Ingredients: Rosé Wine of Grenache and Carignan Grapes

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Sans Wine Co.
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