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Mini Matzo Crunch

8 oz
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Mini Matzo Crunch

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Approx. 8 oz.
Salty Sweet's incredible chocolate-covered caramel-coated Mini Matzo Crunch is just available for these few short weeks before Passover—make sure you stock up on yours! The caramel is cooked just to the verge of burnt, giving it a richly toasty flavor, then spread on top of matzo and baked until crisp. Finally, it's covered with a generous layer of dark chocolate and a sprinkle of sea salt for some true matzo magic. 

Ingredients: matzo (wheat flour, water), butter, sugar, chocolate, salt, vanilla.
Contains: milk, wheat.

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Salty Sweet
San Francisco, CA
At Salty Sweet, we believe that no one should ever have to suffer through a mediocre chocolate chip cookie. Ours are perfect in texture and taste, crafted by hand using only the finest organic and local ingredients.Read more