Rolling Oaks Ranch

Pasture Raised Rainbow Eggs (Large)

1 dozen

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Pasture Raised Rainbow Eggs (Large)

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1 dozen multi-colored eggs

Due to supply chain issues, we limit purchases on this product to a maximum quantity of 3 cartons per customer.

Rolling Oaks Ranch has seven different breeds of pasture-raised hens resulting in a multi-color mix of shells by the dozen including green, blue, pink, and multiple shades of brown.

The hens enjoy the lush pasture grass and the daily routine of natural chicken behavior including dust baths, sunning, scratching for grubs, and laying eggs.

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About The Producer

Rolling Oaks Ranch
Ione, CA
Rolling Oaks Ranch is located in the beautiful Jackson Valley of Ione, California.The ranch is rolling hills spotted with 100 year old oak trees, a 4 acre pond, and pastures that are rich with native grasses. The Ranch is home to livestock that includes; cattle, chickens, hogs and horses who spend their days roaming and grazing in the lush and green pastures.Read more