Roli Roti

Butcher's Turkey Bone Broth

24 fl oz
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Butcher's Turkey Bone Broth

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24 fl oz, fresh.
RoliRoti's seasonal Butcher's Turkey Bone Broth starts with roast turkey that is slowly simmered to bring out the flavor of all-natural poultry, raised without antibiotics and fed non-GMO feed. The result is a golden, rich broth that's as good to drink plain as it is to add to any and all recipes. No shortcuts, no extra ingredients, just full-flavored bone broth. 

Ingredients: turkey broth, water, carrot.

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Roli Roti
Oakland, CA
RoliRoti is the country’s first and finest mobile rotisserie, serving only sustainably-farmed meats and organic produce at their seasonal best.Read more