Röckenwagner Bakery

Röckenwagner Bakery

Los Angeles

Röckenwagner Bakery and 3 Square Café are the latest ventures of longtime Los Angeles chef/restaurateur Hans Röckenwagner.  Hans’ background spans thirty years of cooking in kitchens in Germany, Switzerland, Chicago and Los Angeles, and includes operating his own fine dining restaurant, running a full-scale retail and wholesale bakery, consulting to major hospitality-related businesses, and penning a cookbook.  Known for his individuality, Hans’ reputation was built around his springtime white asparagus menus, innovative dishes like crab soufflé with lobster-butter sauce and the popular pretzel burger, and his craftsmanship in designing and building his restaurants.

Of his many accomplishments, Hans is most proud of his wife Patti and children Gina, Roxy and Hansi , his top-spin forehand and the many projects he has completed as a hobby woodworker.

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