Road 20 Farms

Road 20 Farms

Madera, CA

Road 20 Farms is on a 75-acre patch of the Central San Joaquin Valley in Madera, California. The land has been farmed since 1980 by T&D Willey and now Road 20 Farms, and has been certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers since 1987.

Watered by snow melt streams from the Sierra Nevada, the rich alluvial soils of this region make up the some of the most productive farmland on earth. The team follows the four seasons of the mild Mediterranean climate to produce a year-round palette of bountiful vegetable production. Road 20 is part of the Food Commons initiative to create a vertically integrated food system from farm to restaurant, retail, food service, and more. Road 20 Farms has a long-term lease on the former T& D Willey land, whose owners Tom and Denesse are working in an advisory role with the new Road 20 farm management. In addition, more than 20 of their original crew have been hired by Road Twenty and are proudly continuing the T&D Willey tradition.

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