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Original Plant-Based Half & Half

25.4 fl oz
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Original Plant-Based Half & Half

Product Details

Ripple's Original Plant-Based Half & Half is rich, creamy and satisfying, with a mild flavor and just a touch of organic cane sugar. Use it just like you'd use any other creamer—stir it into coffee and tea, or splash it into hot cocoa on a chilly morning.

water, sunflower oil, ripptein (pea protein), contains less than 1% of organic cane sugar, DHA algal oil, sunflower lecithin, calcium phosphate, gum arabic, sea salt, guar gum, gellan gum, natural flavors, vitamin a palmitate.

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About The Producer

Ripple is named after the "ripple effect"—they believe that healthy living is easy, and small changes make a difference every day.Read more