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Dairy-Free Raspberry Lime Sorbetto


16 fl oz
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Dairy-Free Raspberry Lime Sorbetto

Product Details

One 16 fl oz tub

Righteous Dairy-Free Raspberry Lime Sorbetto is a beloved favorite that caters to dairy-free and vegan preferences. Savor the vibrant sweetness of locally grown BC raspberries combined with the tangy zing of fresh lime juice. This delightful sorbetto offers a burst of flavors that will leave your taste buds wanting more. It's a fantastic choice made without any dairy, gluten, or GMO ingredients, perfect for those seeking a delicious and refreshing treat without compromising on dietary preferences. Whether you're relaxing on a warm summer day or enjoying a cozy night in, this sorbetto is a delightful way to treat yourself to the bold and refreshing taste of raspberries and lime.

Ingredients: Water, Raspberries, Cane sugar, Rice syrup solids, Lime juice concentrate, Less than 0.5% of Tara gum, Guar gum

May Contain: Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Pistachios

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About The Producer

Alberta, Canada
Righteous Gelato is not just a gelato company; it's a brand with a vision to change the world. Founded 11 years ago, they are committed to making a tangible impact on companies, people, and consumers. Their focus is on building strong relationships, empowering their team, promoting innovation, and delivering legendary customer experiences with the best quality products possible. Putting people first and profits second, Righteous Gelato fosters a culture of inclusivity and challenges others to be the change they want to see. With a commitment to enriching lives one spoonful at a time, they are on a journey to create positive change through their delicious gelato.Read more