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Large Leakproof Mid-rise Fit Period Underwear Black

4 oz
Large Leakproof Mid-rise Fit Period Underwear Black

Product Details

Rif Care presents Large Leakproof Mid-rise Fit Period Underwear in a sleek black hue, providing both style and functionality for confident period protection. Crafted with precision, these period underwear are designed to offer reliable leak-proof coverage and all-day comfort.

Featuring a mid-rise fit, these underwear offer ample coverage and support, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit during your period. The leakproof design provides peace of mind, preventing any unwanted leaks or stains, while the absorbent lining keeps you feeling dry and fresh throughout the day.

Constructed with high-quality materials, Rif Care Period Underwear are not only durable but also soft and gentle against the skin. The breathable fabric promotes airflow, reducing the risk of irritation and ensuring maximum comfort, even during active days.

Designed for versatility, these period underwear can be worn alone or as a backup with other period products for added protection. Say goodbye to disposable pads and tampons and embrace a more sustainable and eco-friendly period care solution with Rif Care Large Leakproof Mid-rise Fit Period Underwear in classic black.

Body - 38% Hemp, 32% Tencel, 25% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex 
Side Panels/Trim - Nylon 
Absorbent Interior - Recycled Polyester

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About The Producer

Rif Care
Los Angeles, CA
Rif Care was founded in 2018 by Val and Rebecca to create hormone-safe, biodegradable period care products using hemp fiber. Born from their personal struggles with hormone imbalance, Rif Care aims to provide better-performing, innovative period care and promote menstrual health and wellness for women everywhere.Read more