Revive Kombucha

Organic Original Cola Kombucha

12 fl oz
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Organic Original Cola Kombucha

Product Details

12 fl oz bottle
A black tea brew, smooth & crisp, with a craft cola feel, delicious bubbles and a hint of lemon.

Ingredients­: Organic Black Tea Kombucha Culture, Organic Black Tea, Organic & Fair Trade Certified Cane Sugar, Organic & Fair Trade Certified Vanilla Extract, Organic Almond Extract, 
Organic Cold Pressed Raw Lemon Juice.

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About The Producer

Revive Kombucha
Petaluma, CA
Revive Kombucha is a family owned craft kombucha brewery, launched at the Sonoma County California Farmer’s Market in 2010. Revive’s mission has always been to sustainably produce the best tasting kombucha you’ve ever had, using the highest quality ingredients and innovative craft brewing techniques out there.Read more