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Approx. 12-18 stems per bunch, Approx. 6"-10" tall
The Narcissus/Daffodil flower represents new beginnings and rebirth, being one of the first bulbs to be flowering going into the new year they have a long history of being considered synonymous with spring. Also, because of their relationship with Lent, they are called the Lent Lily as well. The blooms are quarter sized and star shaped, and usually white in coloring. They have a strong scent which is considered one of the shining qualities of this flower. Variety received is dependent on farm availability.

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Repetto Nursery
Half Moon Bay, CA
Grown both outdoors and indoors, David Repetto's seasonal blooms are grown with the skill and care of a third generation farmer who loves what he does. His business provides 20-25 employees with year-round floricultural work. In an industry that's moved almost exclusively towards Southern Hemisphere imports, often in countries where labor standards and controls for use of toxic chemicals aren't nearly as regulated as they are in the United States, especially in California. We're proud to work with local flower growers to maintain and grow this region's rich history in floriculture.Read more