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Plain Goat's Milk Yogurt

6 oz
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Plain Goat's Milk Yogurt

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Enjoy the delicious, velvety simplicity of Plain Goat Yogurt!

Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Yogurt is a gold medal-winning European-style yogurt made with the highest-quality Grade A un-homogenized whole goat milk. The slight cream layer at the top can either be enjoyed or removed if you prefer a lower fat yogurt. We add a special blend of living cultures with acidophilus and bifidus to promote healthy digestion, and create a classic yogurt flavor.

Ingredients: Grade A Pasteurized whole goat milk, tapioca starch, pectin.

Live active cultures: S. Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Acidophilus & Bifidus

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Redwood Hill Farm
Sonoma County
The vision of Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery is to be a “different kind of creamery” reflecting the values and sustainability of a family farm while creating delicious dairy products of the highest quality for everyone to enjoy.Read more