Red Hill Farms

Red Hill Farms

West Marin County, CA

Marin County Chicken Farm
Founded in 1917, Red Hill Farms is a fourth generation family farm nestled in the rolling hills of West Marin County. The farm’s luxurious green hills, bursting with flavorful grasses, is home to free-range pasture raised chickens.

Pasture Raised Organic Chicken Eggs

Our chickens are free to go outside, absorb sunlight, eat bugs worms grasses and dust in the dirt. Because the chickens are pasture raised, they produce a remarkable egg that is second to none. The shells are thick, the yolks are fluorescent orange, and the whites stand up. We call them Rainbow Eggs because in each carton there are white and brown eggs. Some cartons even have green eggs!

Sustainable Farming
For the past ten years, Don Gilardi has been the steward of this lush 80 acres. Committed to sustainability, Don manages his flock of sheep and chickens to preserve the flavorful grasses that grow on his pastures.

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