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Rancho Vasquez

Organic Large Reed Avocado


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Organic Large Reed Avocado

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Approx. 0.75- 0.8 lb per avocado

The Reed Avocado has creamy, lighter-flavored flesh and slightly-pebbled skin that stays mostly green when it's ripe. It's known for its round shape and its refreshing taste. The Reed can often ripen a bit unevenly, and some parts of the skin may darken a bit before others, but once the majority of the fruit yields to gentle pressure, it's ready to go!

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About The Producer

Rancho Vasquez
Azusa, CA
Rancho Vasquez is a local family owned and operated business dating back three generations. We have grown into a 123-acre organic avocado orchard in the foothills of Azusa, CA where the Vasquez family all reside together. Still committed to family, and the orchard, harvest time is an event in the Vasquez household where every family member is involved – big and small.Read more