Chaga - Antioxidant

100 ml
Chaga - Antioxidant

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Our Chaga tincture is a potent and bioavailable dual extract. Made to be taken every day, this tincture is a source of compounds with antioxidant properties which act to restore oxidative balance in body and may slow cellular aging. Our Chaga comes from Northern Canada. Sustainably wildcrafted by a network of foragers who use responsible harvesting practices, ensuring to only remove chunks of the fungus so that it will continue to propagate and doesn't damage the tree it grows on.

Ingredients: Chaga (Inonotus obliquus – Sclerotia) Other Ingredients: 70% spring water 30% organic ethanol

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Ontario, Canada
Rainbo, established in 2018 by Tonya Papanikolov in Toronto, specializes in high-quality adaptogenic mushrooms aimed at optimizing mind, body, and spirit. The brand's philosophy is deeply rooted in whole-person healing, resilience, and fostering a connection with nature, emphasizing long-term health and harmony through the power of fungi.Read more