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Parmesan & Rosemary Microwave Popcorn

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Parmesan & Rosemary Microwave Popcorn

Product Details

Two 3.5 oz bags, net wt 7 oz.

Salty yet smooth, parmesan is amazing on popcorn. The addition of a little rosemary helps to round out the flavor. Warn the fam, this one can be tough to share.

Like all of our popcorn, we never use GMO corn, coatings or chemicals on the bag, or any other scary stuff! This is truly microwave popcorn reinvented.

Ingredients: organic popcorn kernels, high oleic sunflower oil, parmesan cheese (whole milk, cultures, salt, enzymes) dried organic rosemary, sea salt.

Good Eggs Loves Quinn Popcorn

Boulder, CO

Family, Community, Story: A Snack You Can Feel Good About

In 2010, Kristy & Coulter set out to reinvent microwave popcorn to the extent that they’d feel proud and comfortable feeding it to their son, Quinn.  Until these two microwave popcorn revolutionaries came along, the much beloved American snack was one of the worst offenders in the processed food space, with a shocking number of artificial ingredients and chemical coated paper bags.  And Kristy & Coulter decided to turn that all on its head.

Sourcing, Practices, Standards: 1000% transparency

It all started with the bag. Most microwave popcorn bags contain carcinogenic chemical coatings but Quinn ditched the chemicals, and made a beeline for 100% compostable paper. Not only that, Quinn Popcorn offers a completely transparent supply chain from which they source Non-GMO, organic corn kernels from mid-west family farms. And if that weren’t enough, the cheeses are rBGH-free, the maple comes from Vermont, the expeller pressed oils are high in omega-3s.

Flavor: Undeniably Tasty!

For the last few months, 4:30 pm has become “Popcorn Thirty” in all of our hubs. So when it was time for Good Eggs to work with a microwave popcorn company, we new Quinn’s unwavering dedication to integrity, transparency and tastiness made them the perfect fit for Good Eggs. And with flavors like Parmesan & Rosemary and Vermont Maple & Sea Salt, how could we not love it?

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About The Producer

Quinn Snacks
Boulder, CO
Quinn Popcorn was easy to fall in love with...their culture is based on offering a really delicious product made with ingredients that we feel really good about, and they are totally transparent about where each of those ingredients is sourced.Read more