Pulp Pantry

Pulp Pantry

Los Angeles, CA

Pulp Pantry is on a mission for customers to snack with impact and create a scalable, circular future for consumer packaged foods. Pulp Chips are made with real, fresh vegetables. They're created without the use of corn, potato, wheat or rice, which are the most common ingredients found in crunchy snack aisles. Instead, Pulp Chips feature upcycled ingredients like cold-pressed veggies and okara flour. They utilize overlooked resources including the odds, ends, and stems of organic produce. Pulp Chips are packed with nutrition, providing 25 grams of fiber in each bag. Their fresh produce is sourced from California's premier cold-pressed juice brands. They produce their chips the same week those juices are pressed, meaning that the chips are extra fresh.

Pulp Pantry makes it easy and delicious to eat more servings of vegetables and fiber, while ensuring good food goes to its highest and most sustainable use: nourishing humanity. Currently fresh fruits and vegetables make up for the largest percent of food waste in the US. At the same time, most Americans struggle to eat their daily servings of fruits, vegetables and fiber. Pulp Pantry is combating this issue with their snacks. For every pound of pulp that they use in their upcycled snacks, thousands and thousands of liters of water and acres of cropland are saved.

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