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Keller Crafted Meats

Pastured Pork Baby Back Ribs (Frozen)

2 lb
$13.49 / lb

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Pastured Pork Baby Back Ribs (Frozen)

Product Details

2-2.25 lbs, frozen.
Pork Baby Back Ribs- Pure Country Pork (Ephrata, WA), from Prather Ranch Meat Company

These Verified Non-GMO and Food Alliance Certified black hogs are fed a Non-GMO verified diet consisting of barley, wheat, triticale, field peas, and flax. They are never treated with antibiotics. The pork quality is distinctive with it’s European small grain finish giving it a great taste.

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About The Producer

Keller Crafted Meats
Ephrata, WA
PRATHER RANCH MEAT CO is proud to introduce Pure Country Pork into its repertoire of high quality, sustainably and humanely raised meat offerings.Read more