Prairie Organic Spirits

Organic Sparkling Grapefruit Craft Cocktail

4 count
Organic Sparkling Grapefruit Craft Cocktail

Product Details

4 - 12 fl oz cans, 5% abv
Prairie Organic Spirits has crafted sparkling cocktails using their organic vodka as the base. Infusing grapefruit and sparkling water creates a light, low calorie, and refreshing cocktail to sip by yourself or at any type of social gathering whether it's a party, picnic, or family get together. Drink chilled or add ice for extra crisp. 

Ingredients: prairie organic vodka, infused natural organic grapefruit flavor, sparkling water.

About The Producer

Prairie Organic Spirits
Minneapolis, MN
Prairie Organic Spirits starts with organic corn from Minnesota. Working with a co-op of Certified Organic family farms, Prairie makes gluten-free and GMO-free vodkas and gin using only organic ingredients.Read more