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Roast Salmon with Sage Tomato Jam

11.92 oz
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Roast Salmon with Sage Tomato Jam

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11.92 oz

Positive Foods presents a culinary masterpiece with its Roast Salmon with Sage Tomato Jam. Succulent salmon fillets are expertly roasted to perfection, delivering a tender and flavorful experience with every bite. Complemented by the rich and aromatic Sage Tomato Jam, this dish offers a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate. Crafted with care and attention to detail, the salmon is infused with the earthy essence of sage, perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the tomato jam. Whether served as a nutritious main course or as part of an elegant dinner spread, Positive Foods' Roast Salmon with Sage Tomato Jam promises a gourmet dining experience that delights the senses and nourishes the body. Elevate your mealtime repertoire with this exquisite fusion of taste and texture.

Ingredients: roasted salmon (salmon, tomato preserve (tomatoes, water, sugar, lime juice, ginger, jalapeno, kosher salt, red pepper flakes), quinoa (quinoa multicolor grain, cilantro, water), turmeric cauliflower (cauliflower, turmeric), kale, sage, cilantro

Contains: Fish

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Positive Food Co
Los Angeles, CA
Positive Food Co. is committed to delivering freshness and quality to retailers, crafting meals with simple ingredients and a meticulous attention to detail. Originating from humble beginnings of selling salads to Los Angeles coffee shops, their offerings have since expanded across California grocery stores. With home-cooked proteins, freshly chopped vegetables, and homemade dressings, Positive Food Co. ensures each meal is a testament to their dedication to quality and freshness.Read more