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Moroccan Style Chicken Breast

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Moroccan Style Chicken Breast

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Positive Foods' Moroccan Style Chicken Breast is a culinary adventure waiting to be savored. Inspired by the vibrant flavors of Morocco, tender chicken breast is marinated in a fragrant blend of spices, including cumin, coriander, and paprika, creating a tantalizing fusion of savory and aromatic sensations. This mouthwatering dish offers a taste of exotic cuisine in the comfort of your own home, perfect for those seeking a flavorful and convenient meal solution. Versatile and easy to prepare, Positive Foods' Moroccan Style Chicken Breast pairs beautifully with couscous, rice, or a fresh salad, adding a touch of excitement to your dinner routine. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Moroccan flavors with every delicious bite of this exquisitely crafted dish.

Ingredients: quinoa (quinoa, olive oil, parsley, lemon juice, kosher salt), chicken (chicken breast, olive oil, ras el hanout (ginger, cardamon, mace, cinnamon, allspice, coriander, nutmeg, turmeric, black pepper, white pepper, cayenne, star anise, clove), kosher salt), roasted cauliflower (cauliflower, olive oil, garlic, kosher salt), roasted tomatoes (tomato, olive oil, garlic, kosher salt), chimichurri (parsley, olive oil, shallots, garlic, lemon juice, chili flakes, kosher salt)

Contains: Fish

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