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Farmed Steelhead Trout

16 oz
$19.99 / lb
Farmed Steelhead Trout

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Two filets totaling 16 oz, fresh, skin on

Each and every Riverence steelhead trout has a fully traceable story that we manage from the very beginning — starting with our own brood stock, continuing through egg hatch, grow-out, and processing.

We raise our Riverence steelhead from our own elite pedigree brood lines (eggs) with decades of proven performance — one of the highest quality selected lines known to exist. We feed them a steelhead diet that is rich in Astaxanthin, which is the micronutrient that gives ocean-run steelhead their rich red flesh color, without requiring the ocean. By harvesting them at trout sizes, we achieve the maximum “whole fillet” nutritional value at serving size — and a healthier, stronger, more nourishing fish with a smaller carbon footprint to produce.

We never use growth hormones or preventative antibiotics, and we don’t genetically engineer our fish. And because smaller fish are ideal for maximized performance and a smaller carbon footprint, we harvest our steelhead genetics at trout sizes. This also allows us to create perfect portion-sized fillets with minimal environmental impact. With Riverence, you can rest assured that there are no antibiotics in our fish at time of harvest — just healthy, great-tasting fish.

Riverence steelhead are fed a diet that’s full of antioxidants that make the fish stronger, while providing a myriad of positive effects to humans that consume them. Astaxanthin is a natural micronutrient found in wild salmon and trout diets that supports mental function, improves eyesight, skin health, and heart health, and is believed to increase lifespan. And because fish are healthier on an Astaxanthin-rich diet, our steelhead survive and thrive, delivering a consistent product for you 365 days a year.


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