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Skipjack Tuna with Salt

5 oz
Skipjack Tuna with Salt

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Experience the best with Skipjack Tuna with Salt, sustainably harvested by American and Maldivian fishing families using pole & line/troll methods. It's not just tuna; it's a commitment to supporting generational fishing traditions and preserving our oceans. With MSC certification, Maldivian fishery ID stickers for traceability, and stringent third-party audits, you can trust the sustainability and safety of every can. Enjoy premium water-packed tuna with minimal draining and absolutely no additives, preservatives, fillers, or mystery fish. Elevate your meals with the pure goodness of Skipjack.

Ingredients: Skipjack Tuna Chunks, Water, Salt

Contains: Fish.

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Pole and Line
Chula Vista, CA
Pole & Line brings you premium tuna, caught one-by-one by American and Maldivian pole & line vessels. Their commitment to sustainability, nutrition, and traceability is unparalleled. Every can of Pole & Line tuna is MSC-certified sustainable, 3rd party audited and labeled with the name of the fishery. It's tuna you can trust, sourced responsibly, and custom-processed for maximum transparency and safety.Read more