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Skipjack Tuna with No Salt

5 oz
Skipjack Tuna with No Salt

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Choose No Salt Skipjack Tuna, pole & line/troll caught by American and Maldivian fishing families. This option continues the commitment to supporting fishing traditions in the U.S. and the Maldives. Every can feature an MSC certification, Maldivian fishery ID sticker for full traceability, and rigorous third-party audits to ensure safety and sustainability. Enjoy premium water-packed tuna with minimal draining and absolutely no additives, preservatives, fillers, or unknown fish. Skipjack No Salt Tuna is the ideal choice for those seeking pure, responsibly sourced seafood for their meals.

Ingredients: Skipjack Tuna Chunks, Water.

Contains: Fish.

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Pole and Line
Chula Vista, CA
Pole & Line brings you premium tuna, caught one-by-one by American and Maldivian pole & line vessels. Their commitment to sustainability, nutrition, and traceability is unparalleled. Every can of Pole & Line tuna is MSC-certified sustainable, 3rd party audited and labeled with the name of the fishery. It's tuna you can trust, sourced responsibly, and custom-processed for maximum transparency and safety.Read more